With a significant portion of the U.S. under stay at home orders to help flatten the curve, people still need their physicians, and access to telehealth can help make this possible. As with all technology, there are limitations, but telemedicine has a significant role to play not only in screening for COVID-19 symptoms, but for keeping up with routine needs and follow-ups.

Wellhealth provides physician groups, hospitals, home health, hospice, palliative care programs, and payers with a solution that combines remote, real-time bio-metric monitoring and reporting with video visits via telehealth technologies to monitor and follow up with patients remotely between visits to keep them out of the hospital and on track for well health!

Telehealth Services

  • Facilitate MD remote (telehealth) visits
  • Assist in F2F appointments with physician
  • Monitor high risk patients to prevent readmission to the hospital
  • Remote patient monitoring with clinical follow up
  • Engage Patients in their care
  • Provide Evidenced Based Disease Management Education
  • Monitor patients for COVID 19 symptoms
  • HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing
  • Create invoices for telemonitoring services
  • Provide video, texting and telephonic support to patients
  • Provide support in telehealth criteria for billing, invoicing and obtaining contracts with insurance companies